We will be set up at the Vegan Street Fair, Sunday March 25th



What ages can play the escape rooms?
Ages 10+ can play without parents. Under 10 y.o. can play with parent supervision. (Each person entering will need a ticket)

Can I play both escape rooms at the VSF?
YES, just be sure choose a different time for your other game! Don't book both rooms at 12pm. Book for 12pm and the other at 12:30! 

Do I play with strangers?
The room fits 6 players. If you buy 3 spaces, there is a chance that you will play with 3 other strangers... But chances are they're pretty cool since they came to the VSF!

Which mobile escape games will be at the VSF?
We will have a spin on our Dinner Party game! It is called the VEGAN DINNER PARTY.

What time should I arrive to play in my game?
Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time slot. We stay ON SCHEDULE, we cannot run late at a big event like this!

What if I buy tickets and don't show up, can I play at a different time?
No, Sorry. If you do not show up for your scheduled game we may not be able to accommodate you in a later slot... But we will do our very best to help you!

Can I contact someone if I'm eating too much delicious food and am going to be a couple minutes late for my game?
YES, please text us! 310-801-2886 or 818-231-1558 We may be able to delay the start so that you can make it in time to play!

What if I buy tickets and realize I can't make it?
Contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you out! We will be able to offer a refund until 3/16/18! After that, maybe a friend will want to buy them from you.

How do I sign up for a game at the VSF?
Tickets will be available for purchase online beginning early February! Don't worry... we will post reminders all over the internet!

Will I escape?
That's what WE want to know!!!



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